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No Bad Kids Master Course

Discipline without Shame

with Janet Lansbury

Inspired by Janet's bestselling book and more than 28 years of hands-on experience with parents and kids, this immersive course offers everything you need to understand children’s behaviors and put into practice the notion of discipline as an act of compassion and love. We all deserve joy in our parenting journeys. The perspective and tools in this course will bring you the clarity, calm, and confidence you need to truly enjoy yours.

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"This is so much deeper than any other parenting approach I have looked into. Janet's understanding of the way children work and strategies to support them (and their parents) really is in a league of its own."



"Such a validating confidence booster as a first time mama of an almost three-year old toddler."

E. Bynum

"Wonderful! I wish this course had existed before we had our two kiddos now aged 2 and 5."

~ CG

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learned so much that I can apply to my work as a nanny. I feel more confident now in the ways I interact with young children and feel grateful to have learned all that I did."


"An excellent resource to refer to again and again."

~ Vickie

"This course was invaluable to me. I feel so supported by Janet's work."

~ Maria

Janet and her work have been featured in:

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What's in No Bad Kids?


19 Video Course Elements

Each video element is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your child’s behaviors and how your actions and reactions can ease or exacerbate those behaviors.

Practical Tools to Help You:

  • Stop yelling, pleading, cajoling, manipulating, bribing, ignoring your child to try to change their behavior.
  • Transform your perception of discipline, punishments, misbehavior, limit-pushing, cooperation, boundaries, tantrums, hitting or biting, manners, bath and bedtime routines, and more.
  • Nurture your child’s abilities for empathy, problem-solving, self-regulation, social interaction, concentration and focus, independence, confidence.

Watch or Listen On-demand

Your time is precious, and really, in the end there are no shortcuts (including memes, how-to’s, and quick tips). This course includes over 3 hours of immersive video content available to you anytime, on any device, anywhere. It is yours to keep and designed to be watched or listened to at your pace and convenience (and then watched or listened to again!).

Parenting is a journey and an artform – we are always practicing and learning.

Course Guide PDFs

Each element includes a printable download so you can review key concepts, highlights, and reminders. 

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Who it's for

  • Parents (obviously!)

  • Grandparents

  • Teachers

  • Caregivers

  • Educators

  • Parent Coaches

  • All those who strive to understand and engage respectfully with children (particularly ages 9 months to 7 years old)

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"Such a beautiful course! I loved the videos of real-life situations with toddlers that Janet shared from her practice. Also, I loved the format of short, pleasant-to-watch videos, which one can watch at their own pace. Like most parents, I hardly have any free time, so I love that there is no pressure. And finally, I love that this approach to parenting is not really a “what to do”  list, rather it’s a philosophy and attitude towards kids, which works very well in any kind of relationship and especially with near and dear ones. Janet’s respectful parenting approach does miracles in our family’s life." 

~ Anandini 

About The Course:
All the parenting tools you need to make Janet's effective, empathic approach your own

This comprehensive video course fully communicates Janet’s holistic approach to respectful parenting and will transform your relationship with your child. We will teach you how to trust your child, cherish your relationship, find compassion for yourself to be imperfectly perfect, and elevate your parenting experience while raising authentic, capable, happy kids.

Elements 1-3

Discovering a New Lens


Perspective, perspective, perspective. The way we perceive our children and their behaviors will always dictate our responses and determine the quality of our day-to-day experience as parents. So, let's begin by grounding ourselves with a closer look at our child's needs, our priorities, expectations, and parenting goals. How and why do the discipline choices we make matter? Is it really possible to successfully guide our children's behavior without punishments and coercion? Yes, and the benefits are enormous. Let's do this! 

Elements 4-8

Strength for the Journey


What does it mean to engage respectfully with a child? Janet shares her guidelines for interacting with children as whole people and embracing our role as compassionate leaders. Next, these elements take a deep dive into the 'why' of children's behaviors. You'll gain the tools to create an environment and a relationship that reduce -- and even prevent -- behavioral challenges. You'll learn how to encourage children to express their feelings positively rather than act them out through their behaviors. You'll discover the key to being unruffled. 

Elements 9-12

Into Action


Ready to roll! All the effective, in-the-moment responses you need to address common behaviors like hitting, pushing, whining, screaming, tantrums, throwing food, rudeness, unsafe behavior, and much more. Janet shares a series of specific examples, demonstrating tone and gestures as well as words for you to make your own. Through practice and the increasing awareness you gain throughout this course, these responses will become reflexive. You'll be amazed how quickly your child's behavior shifts toward a more positive, cooperative direction. 

Elements 13-19

Beyond Discipline


These final elements will expand your understanding of your role in teaching children to cooperate willingly, show manners, develop positive relationships with siblings and peers, practice healthy mealtime habits, and more. You’ll gain clarity on the most common concerns parents express to Janet, explore how to repair mistakes you may have made (if you're like most of us!) and what self-care really means. Janet also offers a checklist for identifying what might be missing if behaviors continue. You'll complete the No Bad Kids Master Course with one final share: a collection of Janet's favorite personal mantras, visualizations, and reminders that have helped her stay on track and less ruffled in her work with children. You've got this!

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There are no bad kids, just fragile, conflicted young people wrestling with their emotions and needs, trying to communicate them the only way they know how.


~ Janet Lansbury

No Bad Kids will give you the perspective and confidence to be the parent or teacher you’ve always wished to be. 

You will learn:
  • To perceive the world through your child’s eyes
  • How children’s underlying conflicts and emotions compel them to push limits 
  • To identify the cause of children’s perplexing behaviors and respond to them effectively
  • How to remain calm and present during our children’s most difficult behaviors 
  • How to encourage children to share their feelings in appropriate ways 
  • How to lessen the intensity and frequency of challenging behaviors
  • How to fully embody the role kids need from us
  • How to build a lifelong bond of authentic love and respect with your child
"My whole teaching career so far, my parenting journey, & now my business are all thanks to Janet’s wonderful teachings."
~ Tayla, Early Childhood Educator

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 As a mum and clinical psychologist working with children, this course was very helpful to broaden the perspective of children’s development, emotional needs, and impulsive behavior. It reminded and encouraged me to be the best version of myself when I’m around my own children and my clients, and to be compassionate towards myself when this task becomes challenging. I would highly recommend it to parents and other people working with children."

Linnéa Höök

"I am thankful for this course, which I just completed. I am looking forward to becoming a grandparent in March. :-) Thanks to Janet’s many resources, I feel much more confident about stepping into a new role as one of the regular caregivers for my granddaughter. I appreciate the work Janet is doing to help children, their caregivers -- thereby to make the world a better place." 

Vickie M

“For someone who was never taught healthy boundary setting and struggled early into adulthood with this skill, Janet’s encouragement and education has changed my life! My husband and I have found so much healing, enlightenment, and freedom through the way we are parenting our daughter. We are grateful to Janet for helping us be better parents and people!”

~ Nicki Wilson


I appreciate Janet’s calm and gracious help. I always feel encouraged vs shamed about where I am at with my parenting. I have wholeheartedly bought into her approach and am seeing results in my children and more joy in my parenting.”

                ~ Ashley    


No Bad Kids Master Course

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Your Questions Answered

If you’ve ever wondered how to better understand your young children, build a connected relationship NOT based on fear or unrealistic expectations, listen to this gifted woman discuss parenting!!! Janet is simply extraordinary in her ability to accurately perceive young children, particularly when they exhibit challenging or troublesome behaviors. Accurate perception (of the normalcy of these behaviors, and of their true source) is the basis for parenting from a place of respect and love. I love the clarity with which she sees the parenting role. It’s really simpler and more beautiful than we think.

~ Sarah T.

Janet has transformed the way I think about infants and children. She has helped me develop a close, loving, grounded relationship with my son. I'm able to stay a loving, patient, nurturing leader.

~ Stephanie K.

Janet speaks honestly with authority, openness, and empathy. Her advice is more nuanced than others; she doesn’t give “strategies” or “scripts.” She stays true to the concept of a unique relationship between parent and child and the complex ways parents provide “helpful” interventions on the surface but often communicate other mixed-messages in action, tone and manner… There are so many “things to do” as a parent. Instead, she shows you how to be in the process, reflect on your contribution as a parent, think deeply (beyond surface behaviors) and trust your child.

~ Jo G.

Janet Lansbury is just amazing. She explains things thoroughly and kindly with no judgment. So helpful to moms who feel like they are losing control.

~ Kylie H.

Janet's wisdom has given me tools to better understand how children think and express themselves. Projecting anger and frustration when my daughter is displaying "negative" emotions or not listening to me has felt wrong and unfair. Janet describes respectful methods which feel positive and bring our family more peace. I better understand and do not feel scared by tantrums or whining. I know how to respond respectfully and encourage my daughter to express herself. I am excited to learn more and am so thankful for Janet's work.

~ Noelle

This course is truly a godsend. My confidence as a competent grandparent has increased and my anxiety levels decreased. I am learning to change my attitude and am looking at things from the child's perspective to gain insight into why certain behavior's result, something I wish I had done with my own children. Even though it can seem so obvious, with all the day to day influences and can easily get overlooked. That is why I will continue to revisit the course material and devour each podcast as they become available in hope that my automatic response becomes more "unruffled" and less unconstructive, inherited reactions. I have purchased the course for my daughter, who is already a far more relaxed mum than I ever was, and between all of us, hopefully the children in our care will thrive and become loving, kind and resilient contributors to our society.

Thank you Janet for having the courage and conviction to make the nurturing and development of our most valuable resource such a priority.

~ Narelle

Janet's demonstrations were very helpful in elucidating the nuances of the approach. I am a frequent flyer of Janet's podcast and blog posts but still found this course very beneficial.

I do have to take this opportunity to thank Janet for all of her teachings, both in the course and through various platforms. I cannot put words to the extent that she has impacted our parenting for the better. If ever we are experiencing a parenting challenge, our solution is to google the challenge with Janet's name and EVERY time there is a blog post that she has done that provides the answer to our problem. This has happened too many times to name!

~ Loretta Power