The No Bad Kids Master Course

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You will receive access to:

  • 19 Elements / Video Lessons
  • 19 PDF Course Guides
  • 8 Visualization Exercises
  • Custom Course Portal
  • Listen or Watch Format
  • Certificate of Completion

You will learn:

  • To perceive the world through your child’s eyes
  • How children’s underlying conflicts and emotions compel them to push limits. 
  • To identify the cause of children’s perplexing behaviors and respond to them effectively.
  • How to remain calm and present during our children’s most difficult behaviors. 
  • How to encourage children to share their feelings in appropriate ways. 
  • How to lessen the intensity and frequency of challenging behaviors
  • How to fully embody the role kids need from us.
  • How to build a lifelong bond of authentic love and respect with your child.

What People Are Saying:

Janet is a trusted voice for those of us who are reparenting ourselves and learning a more respectful way to parent our children. Having Janet’s voice in my head through the videos and modules in the course has given me greater confidence that I can apply these principles in my parenting. And as a psychologist, I appreciate that the course material is in line with evidenced-based, best practices on child development, learning, and emotion regulation (Dr. Camden Morgante).

Loved having all of Janet's knowledge in one place. The progression of the topics was very clear, and she made everything accessible. Thank you - I've already recommended it to other parents! (Ross R.)

Janet has made my parenting journey better, and I’m a better human for it. If I met her in person, I would embrace her with the biggest hug. (Dr. Haleema Harhara, Pediatrician and mom)

I love to hear Janet explain how and why children and parents act certain ways. She is so knowledgeable and makes me feel like I’m on a journey of motherhood with her. She is an amazing guide. (Aunt TM)

Incredibly helpful. Love the linear format. Some other programs are overwhelming. I loved how I could just watch videos in order at my own pace and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. I’ve been using the methods this week and already feel a difference with my son. Now if I can get my husband on board… Thank you, please make more! (Casey)

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