The No Bad Kids Master Course

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You will receive access to:

  • 19 Elements / Video Lessons
  • 19 PDF Course Guides
  • 8 Visualization Exercises
  • Custom Course Portal
  • Listen or Watch Format
  • Certificate of Completion

You will learn:

  • To perceive the world through your child’s eyes
  • How children’s underlying conflicts and emotions compel them to push limits. 
  • To identify the cause of children’s perplexing behaviors and respond to them effectively.
  • How to remain calm and present during our children’s most difficult behaviors. 
  • How to encourage children to share their feelings in appropriate ways. 
  • How to lessen the intensity and frequency of challenging behaviors
  • How to fully embody the role kids need from us.
  • How to build a lifelong bond of authentic love and respect with your child.

What People Are Saying:

Loved having all of Janet's knowledge in one place. The progression of the topics was very clear, and she made everything accessible. Thank you - I've already recommended it to other parents! (Ross R.)

Janet has made my parenting journey better, and I’m a better human for it. If I met her in person, I would embrace her with the biggest hug. (Dr. Haleema Harhara, Pediatrician and mom)

I love to hear Janet explain how and why children and parents act certain ways. She is so knowledgeable and makes me feel like I’m on a journey of motherhood with her. She is an amazing guide. (Aunt TM)

Incredibly helpful. Love the linear format. Some other programs are overwhelming. I loved how I could just watch videos in order at my own pace and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. I’ve been using the methods this week and already feel a difference with my son. Now if I can get my husband on board… Thank you, please make more! (Casey)

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